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Elevate Your Workspace: Our Top 10 Promotional Office Supplies

4th April 2023 in Marketing & branding

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or provide practical tools for your employees and customers, promotional office supplies are a great way to do so. From classic options like pens and notebooks to modern items like custom mouse mats and desk caddies, we've compiled a list of our top 10 picks for promotional office supplies. So, let's dive in and discover how these items can help promote your brand while boosting productivity and organization in the workplace.

1. Promotional notebooks are a great way to increase brand exposure while providing a useful tool for noting important information from meetings and boosting motivation and efficiency in the workplace.

2. Custom sticky notes make great handouts for employees and customers to jot down key notes and information throughout the workday, and with a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, they are an affordable way to promote your brand.

3. Promotional pens are a practical and classic way to subtly increase brand recognition without breaking the bank, and with various colors and functions available, they can be a fun and creative option.

4. Promotional planners are an essential item for any office and make a great addition to welcome kits and giveaways, helping to plan out daily or weekly to-do lists and increase productivity.

5. Promotional portfolios offer a convenient and stylish way to carry important documents and materials, and with a variety of options available, they can help promote your brand in a professional manner.

6. Promotional calendars can help employees and customers manage their time efficiently, with a range of wall and desk options available to suit different needs and preferences.

7. Custom mouse mats can help create a cohesive and professional look in the office while promoting your brand, and with the growing reliance on technology, they are an increasingly useful and appreciated item.

8. Promotional stationery, from erasers to rulers, is a must-have in any office and can be a useful and practical giveaway item at tradeshows, events, and exhibitions, helping to increase brand awareness and create positive impressions.

9. Promotional clipboards are an underrated but practical item that can be used in various business settings, with a range of materials, sizes, and shapes available to suit different needs and preferences.

10. Desk caddies are an essential item for any office, helping to keep workspaces tidy and professional-looking, and with various options available, they can be customized to fit different preferences and needs, including built-in chargers or lights.

Now that we have run you through some of our favorite promotional office supplies why not take a plunge and invest in some for your own business? Browse our website and start your brand revolution today!

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